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Broken Wings ~ 1. Forever Promises

Lesson one when at the Inuzuka household: She got an anger vein then sighed, drooping her head. At my nod they both had stars in their eyes and hugged me.

Hanami Uzumaki (added Namikaze) is the son of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno and the younger sister of Shinachiku. Hanami is the second most common child of Naruto and Sakura. Uzumaki Hanami is the most well known daughter of Naruto and Sakura among the fandom.

This is an alternate Naruto story. Contents [ show ] Summary Part 1: They care for Naruto and train him. Also, things go great when he starts getting a harem. However, his long-lost older sister Karin arrives but she is the one who sealed the nine tails inside of him. She planned on marrying him in order to continue the Uzumaki legacy but he angrily refuses and hates her for what she did.

Later, he meets Jiraiya, his grandfather. After being trained by Jiraiya for 1 year, Naruto makes it to the finals of the Chunin Exams. He defeats Karin and seals Gaara’s crazy personality before redeeming him. However, the fourth Kazkage attacked the village and killed the third Hokage. Naruto’s grandmother Tsunade is picked as the fifth Hokage. Meanwhile, Sasuke gets injured but his curse mark starts corrupting and making him vow to surpass Naruto.

Kiba Inuzuka

MidnightRazorHeart 1-Itachi spared all the young Uchiha children anyone under How does this effect Sasuke? He still wants to kill Itachi but will he have a rivalry against the other Uchiha children? Will they help him? Will they split into two groups, Sasuke leading one and rival Uchiha leading the other? They raise Naruto after his parents die saving him.

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Contents [ show ] Background She had been kept as a hostage for much of her childhood, isolated and under constant surveillance. Her father had done this in order to secure the welfare of the Land of Vegetables, but later came to regret sacrificing Haruna for this purpose. As a result of her isolation and sense of betrayal, Haruna came to see sacrifice as inevitable, and believed that even if many of her subjects were sacrificed, her safety was all that mattered for her country.

Personality At a young age, Haruna trusted no one after being taken as a hostage. She finds the need to use other people in order to revive her country. This is shown when she tried to use the children and the elderly as a decoy for the Janin who were chasing after her. She can be cold-hearted and cruel since she cares for no one but herself and in order to stay alive like when she knocks Hinata out.

Though underneath the tough and mean exterior, she was really sad, hurt and confused. She can be quite smart as she thought of a plan to use the peddlers as decoys. At that time, three ninja staged a coup in the Land of Vegetables, forcing Haruna to flee the country, and she hoped to gain international sympathy in an attempt to reclaim her throne.

Despite their anger over being misinformed, Naruto’s group agreed to protect the princess, sending the pedlars away to safety and defeating the first of the ninja. Haruna refused to rely on them, even going so far as to knock Hinata unconscious to escape alone, despite Hinata’s attempts to convince her that Naruto also suffered from loneliness.

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She is an apprentice doctor, originated from a village in the Land of Fire. Contents [ show ] Background Amaru is an orphan who came from a village in the Land of Fire , her parents died of unknown causes. When she was small, she suffered from a strange illness.

Jun 14,  · Naruto merely laughed and picked them up, much to their struggling forms, and walked over to me. Leaning down, he kissed me smoothly on the lips, ignoring the grunts of displeasure from our children. “How’s Kimi?” he asked, finally putting Kushina and Minato back on their feet before wrapping his arms around me and the baby.

Contents [ show ] Personality As opposed to her too talkative and rather impulsive, one-time teammates and hot-headed younger brother , Samui is mature, calm, and generally silent, only speaking when needed. She has also shown a great level of self-control as she was able to refrain from using the word “cool” during her battle against the Gold and Silver Brothers — something both her brother, and later Darui would fail at.

Because of her calm personality, even during missions, the Fourth Raikage considers her to be a valuable and capable kunoichi, completely trusting her. Appearance Samui’s full appearance. Samui is a tall, fair-skinned woman with a curvaceous figure who generally wears a stoic, aloof expression on her face. She has blue eyes and straight, shoulder-length blonde hair cut in an asymmetrical bob style.

She wears a very low-cut outfit which displays her sizeable cleavage, with mesh armour underneath, a short skirt and red hand guards, high boots, and what appears to be a modified Kumogakure flak jacket that covers her stomach only, similar to a girdle. She is also very knowledgeable, as demonstrated by her in-depth knowledge of the Gold and Silver Brothers and the four mythical weapons in their possession.

Samui and her team were sent to Konoha by the Fourth Raikage to inform them that they would be taking care of Sasuke Uchiha and Akatsuki. In her first appearance, she was shown complaining of shoulder pains which, according to her teammate Omoi , were caused by her large breasts. Samui made no retaliation, unlike Karui. After Omoi and Karui had a short argument regarding dating men and women, the team was shocked to find a crater in Konohagakure’s place, which was caused by Pain’s Shinra Tensei shortly before his battle with Naruto.

While Omoi believed that Karui had caused it by means of an avalanche after she had almost hit him with a thrown rock earlier, Samui ordered the team to find someone and ask them what had happened. Team Samui in Konoha’s Archive Library.

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PunkB8 Naruto is running home after “training” when he catches the scent of pine trees and dogs, and a bit of something else and he decides to find out what it is. I don’t own Naruto or Naruto Shippuden. Uzumaki Naruto was walking away from his teams’ training if you could call it that. But him, all his sensei did was tell him to work on his chakra control. Half way through the forest a strange smell filled his nose.

Fic Request Some fluffy fic or romance (self by Hawk: Linkffn(). Hana and Naruto go on a mission together that goes south. Eventually becomes Naruto/Hana, so if that’s not your thing, skip this. After Neji lets it slip that Hinata loves him, Naruto begins dating her. Naturally, this doesn’t go over well with Hiashi, so Naruto.

Main pairing naruxhana, a little AnkoxKure added to main pairing, maybe more if I get enough reviews for it. Lemons, sexual themes and laughs. Konoha, a village full of ninja and civilians and almost everyone in this village knew of one person in the village by site. However for a village that says to look underneath the underneath they failed to do so. How can a village never see someone who is with him most of the time in his life and never question why.

Who is she and how come they never asked her why she was around him. Who knows but considering who she is they should have Currently 13 year old Naruto was sitting at his own private training ground as he called it. It was not an official training ground but it was far enough in the forest that the villagers never came by and unless a ninja was sent there they left it alone. Naruto had just returned from the wave mission yesterday and today he was meeting his only true friend int the world Well friend is a loose term on this.

Broken Wings ~ 1. Forever Promises

She is however dropped off at the house of a certain Uchiha family who took her in as their own. Follow her story through of finding her parents and the truth about her. Himiko Auryama is the heir of Will you welcome her or will you throw her out? As days passed, little by little Sasuke learned about the stranger and the warm feeling grew toward her.

Naruto & The Divine Empresses– Legend of The Sage of The 10 Paths & His Divine Goddesses is a fan fictional crossover between Naruto & Bleach. This is also a remake of The Naruto anime & manga. Pairing: Naruto x Neliel x Harribel x Mei Terumi x Konan x Kurenai x Anko x Yugao x Hana x Samui x.

How will this effect the future when the Rookie 9 is guided by Harry Potter? His reach won’t be limited to only Konoha either. Fiction T – English – Harry P. He was moving out of Grimmauld place with most of the artifacts that had been in the Black family for generation to keep it out of the hands of the recent buyer. Harry had sold the Black’s home so that he could move into a smaller more comfortable place out in the country as Grimmauld place was not a very homey residence.

With the years of neglect in the house’s upkeep coupled with Sirius’ hatred of the place, it was a wonder that Harry had lasted even the two months it had taken him to turn eighteen. The goblins had sold the house for him, taking a rather large cut of the proceeds to make up for his wrecking of their bank, and the Malfoys had snatched up the house. Seeing just who had bought the house, Harry hurried through the house, snatching up many of the darker books along with the artifacts of a questionable nature and were thrown into Harry’s trunk that he had taken to wearing on his neck wherever he went.

He may have let the Malfoys off with a bit of a warning, but that didn’t mean he trusted that family and removed all the temptations that he could find. The trunk also held quite a bit of gold, other books, and a complete wardrobe. He had taken Moody’s words about Constant Vigilance to heart, especially after that horrible trip called a hunt that had taken up what was supposed to be his seventh year.

Just as he was about to leave the house for the last time. Harry was confused as everybody knew that he was moving out of the place today after one last run through and there was no reason for someone to show up.

Shippuden moment – Kakashi and Hanare Kiss scene – Naruto Shippuden 191

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